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Following up the story Moving windows from HDD to SSD (Dualboot Windows 10 + Ubuntu 16) , I tried to install a fresh copy of Windows 10 to my SSD drive. I took 100gb space from Ubuntu and formatted into NTFS. When I tried to install Windows 10 on it, but got error 0xc0000005 (which is some code for memory error).

Is there any way to get Windows 10 to SSD without actually formatting whole drive? (As I wouldnt want to reinstall Ubuntu again).

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I have the answer! I have two disks, one HDD with Windows 10 and Reh Hat installed, can work together via grub2, at position 0, and my new SSD, at position 1. When I try to install the Windows 10 ISO in the SSD, I found the installer cannot proceed in any way and I saw the 0xc0000005 error.

After searching it gives me the impression that it is some partition and/or disk error. So, I remove my HDD, make the SSD the only disk(before it is disk 1, now disk 0), and now it works!

I think grub+windows disk manager on disk 0 will affect disk 1, prevent the installation of another Windows 10 in the same machine. In your case, I suggest buying another disk and remove the first one to avoid the grub problem. And before that, I think installing Windows before Ubuntu would be better..

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