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I get the "Your Windows version might not be genuine" warning, even though I have a legit copy of Windows 7. But I can't enter the product key for some reason (it says "Activation status not available" and "Product ID not available"). Since I don't care about the updates (they destroy more than they repair anyway), I just want to remove the warning after boot and on the desktop. But the tutorials I found (like this, archive) say I should

  • uninstall KB905474 (which is not installed on my computer)
  • delete the registry key HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/Uninstall/WGA (but the key "Uninstall" doesn't even exist)
  • delete C:\Windows\System32\WgaLogon.dll and System32\WgaTray.exe (which both don't exist)
  • de-register "LegitCheckControl.dll" (which I also don't have)

Some other tutorials also told me to enter the command SLMGR -REARM, but that gives me the warning "Error 0x80070005", Access denied, action needs higher permissions.

I think you see the pattern: None of the steps of this tutorial work for me and all other tutorials I found just tell me the same as that one. So what can I do? I want an unbothered start and my own desktop background.

It would be great if I could just re-enter the product key, but answers on how to just remove the warning are ok, too.

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You should be able to call Microsoft, and they can help you get Windows 7 activated:

How to contact a Microsoft Product Activation Center by phone

If you attempt to activate Windows 7 (or even access the activation GUI) and receive the message error 0x80070005 "Access denied", try the following:

  1. Modify the following folders by granting Full control permissions to the Everyone group:

  2. Restart the service Software Protection

  3. Activate with a generic key by opening a command prompt and entering the following:

    slmgr.vbs /ipk 489J6-VHDMP-X63PK-3K798-CPX3Y
  4. Start the Activate Now wizard and enter the correct product key.


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