Restoring Windows 10 System Image to RAID


I currently have a Windows 10 instance installed on a RAID) that was configured through the BIOS of my PC. I am trying to to re-image this drive from a backup of that was taken last night and stored on a separate drive. I thought that this was going to be a simple task but when attempting to use the Windows Advanced Startup > Troubleshoot > System Image Recovery I receive the following error as soon as it tries to start:

An internal error occurred. The following information might help you resolve the error:

The system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002)

Any Idea on what might be causing this error? And How might I be able to fix it?

After doing some investigating in the Command Prompt and Diskpart it appears that the RAID is not being recognized by the Windows Advance Start Up.

When running Diskpart> List Volume from the OS the following volumes are listed:

Volume 0 - D [Backup] (Drive 0)

Volume 1 - C [Boot] (Drive 1)

Volume 2 - [Recovery] (Drive 1)

When running Diskpart> List Volumefrom the start up tool I get the following instead:

Volume 0 - D [Backup] (Drive 0)

I tried loading the drivers for Intel RST from the motherboard driver disc via the command prompt but I am not having any luck loading them. The drivers on the disk are an .exe which when run says that it is incompatible with the current version of Windows.

asked on Super User Feb 17, 2017 by James C. Taylor IV

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