Scheduled Task won't run in Windows 10 when started by scheduler


I have a scheduled task to run a .CMD script at a set time each day. The Windows 10 64 bit system (1511) was clean installed, and the task was created manually.

When the task's scheduled time is reached, it does not run. The Task Scheduler reports "The operator or administrator has refused the request (0x800710E0)"

If I run the task from within the task scheduler by right-click Run, it runs normally. Then the The Task Scheduler reports "The operation completed successfully (0x0)".

Until the next day after the schedule time. Then the task does not run, and the first error is displayed again.

The computer was not waking for the task, despite having the "Wake the computer to run this task" box checked. I now have the BIOS wake the computer 5 minutes before the task time.

asked on Super User Oct 26, 2016 by tim11g

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