Find Windows error in Event Viewer


I am pretty new to Windows administration, however I need to learn fast. I received the following error while trying to diagnose a network interface.

"An unexpected error has occurred. The troubleshooting wizard can't continue"

Package ID: NetworkDiagnostics
Path: C:\Windows\diagnostics\system\networking
Error code: 0x80070057
Source: Engine
Context: Standard

My question is, is there a way I can use Event Viewer to find more information about why this occurred so I can further troubleshoot? Maybe search by the Error Code number?

asked on Super User Aug 25, 2016 by Timothy Pulliam

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This particular error seems to be a function of a bug in W10. It occurred regularly about a month ago, but seems to have stopped. Verify that you are up to date on W10 updates. Letting it search for solutions and fix the problem temporarily fixed it about 30% of the time. Other times a reboot, and sometimes just running the program again. The EVENT VIEWER mostly gives you error codes, which you have to Google. I find it more expedient to just Google the original error verbage. I use event viewer when things happen and errors are not expressed.


answered on Super User Aug 25, 2016 by ruggb

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