Windows installer can't format SSD


Laptop: Asus Rog G750jm. The laptop suddenly started to get into a bootloop every time i started it. I tried reinstalling Windows 10 by creating a Bootable disk on a Mac and it fails to format the primary partition every single time. Error: 0x80070057 comes up every single time. I have tried deleting all the partitions and then recreating then through the windows install setup and I also tried format fs=ntfs by going into diskpart through the Bootable USB, nothing works. It gets stuck at 0% when done through diskpart for more than 10-15 minutes. I tried checking ssd's "health" via wmic and then diskdrive get status, I got ok ok. So I'm not sure what is going on here. Portions can be deleted and recreated but it won't format and or install Windows on it. Any help is appreciated.

Also, the windows 10 installer detects the ssd but it won't show up under Boot in bios, but it is displayed in the Sata Configuration option under Advanced tab in bios.

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