BSOD after attempt at windows update. Not Random


Windows-U-7-sp1 here. A system failure during a windows update locked the Laptop and after an hour had to power it off. When returning to try to boot, i get these bsod errors:

0x000000f4 0xfffffa800bd76060 0xfffffa800bd76340 0xfffff8004b07130

I cannot login to even safemode or now to run repairs or get a command line.

I booted with a recovery cd and their were NO system restore points shown. Installed Linux on this same machine so could get online and try to find some answers.

Have been trying for 2 days to figure out what file have been corrupted and remove/repair them. SFC will not run.

Did a HDD check and the drive is fine. If need more information, will post as it is requested. Have not used this site before so may fubar about abit until understand it better. Appreciate the help. Eddie

ED: I can access the hard drive from this linux install. ED: current UTC 05:32 Acer aspire 7741. Unable to figure out how to turn crash reporting on from recovery disk. ie: no .dmp file :/ Looking thru the dism options as well.

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You can grab the dumps from C:\Windows\minidump

Use nirsoft bsod viewer BlueScreenView to examine the dumps on another working computer.

However, since this happened during a windows update, it could have been a driver or an SMBus type update, which is severe enough not to generate a dump.

You could be fighting against more than one BSOD-causing issue, so do not sweat it since you are fortunate enough to have a working drive with your data still intact, just a hosed OS...

Since no backups, and the system repair disk has been unsucessful, I highly agree with Dan Whaley above and perform a fresh install of Windows.

You can install Windows into a different directory, get up and running, create your restore points as you go along with your latest windows updates this time, THEN go back and do forensics to your content.

Hope that helps, ClaireW

answered on Super User Mar 19, 2017 by ClaireW

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