dotNetFramework 3.5 0x8007000d error


I was installing .netFrameWork 3.5 on Windows 10 from windows feature (Programs and feature > turn on/off windows feature) at the time of downloading my system driver crashed and i had to force restart system. This corrupted dotNetFramework installation.

Now if i try to install .netframework 3.5 from any method it tries to apply changes/Install instead of downloading it and fails to install because of corrupt download.

I have tried all method i found on the internet none of them works and all of them gives same error.

I have tried installing online/offline. Using Windows ISO Installation files Group policy and some other methods...(which i don't remember right now)

All of them gives same error. None of them actually tries to install(what i mean they find previous install files and try apply/install those files which are corrupted)

I am looking for temp/download directory where i can delete its files so i can download it again.

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