Cannot format new hard drive while installing


I just got my new hard drive (500GB) and I was about to install Windows 7, but received an error while formatting the partition (0x80070057—damaged disk). The disk is new and I've never used it before. I am using a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop and I can easily install and remove the hard drive; however, I tried to install Windows XP SP3 but it didn't recognize the hard drive at all. Any advice?

asked on Super User Mar 31, 2016 by NiKoLaPrO • edited Mar 31, 2016 by bwDraco

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The first result from Googling the error code is this Microsoft Support article.

Delete any existing partitions and try again. If there are no partitions on the disk, it's probably defective and should be returned.

answered on Super User Mar 31, 2016 by bwDraco

Like @Ramhound @LPChip and @bwDraco suggested, I returned hard drive to the store where i bought it and I got replacement, I installed windows 7 and everything works just fine.

Thanks for support.

answered on Super User Apr 2, 2016 by NiKoLaPrO

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