Only Icons Missing from desktop


I opened the PC in the morning, and this is what I got: Desktop
This PC
Start Menu
Control Panel-A
Control Panel-B As is visible the icons of the UWA apps were no affected and the start menu also is unaffected.

When Control Panel is in category view the entire page is empty and in large/small icons the name is visible, no icons.

I deleted the iconcache.db in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local folder. Following the instructions here: How to fix missing icons in the taskbar and start menu?. But to no avail and now windows is not rebuilding the cache.

I also ran sfc /scannow but no changes took place.

What should I do?

(01/01/2016 8:00PM GMT +5:30) Edit: I tried opening the system properties and I got 0x8000ffff error and this:

<code>0x8000ffff</code> error

Then I closed the popup and pressed the OK button on the System Properties Windows and I got 0x8007057A error:

<code>0x8007057A</code> error

Opening the Image Backup Control Panel page I again got an 0x8007000E error:

Control Panel <code>0x8007000E</code> Error

I tried using system restore via advanced startup but once again I got 0x800FFFF error.

P.S.: I did try restarting, didn't work.

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I researched on the 0x8007057A error and found that it is caused by corrupted user profile so I decide to follow the tseps. But before I did that I updated to Windows 10 Threshold 2 (v1511, Build 10586) and upgrade to it fixed the problem.

answered on Super User Jan 4, 2016 by Rishabh Dhiman

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