Laptop Keyboard and touchpad don't work INSIDE windows -Both intergrated KB/M and external


Laptop: Dell Inspiron 7520 SE

OS: Windows 7 Home premium

Hi, today i encountered a very strange issue and after a lot of searching, i still haven't found a solution.

I was using my laptop as usual, when the windows update pop-up prompted me to restart, for updates to take effect. So i restarted and when windows booted fully i discovered, that, neither my laptop's keyboard or touchpad, works. I tried an external, usb, mouse and keyboard and still nothing. Also i discovered that everytime i press a key on the external keyboard, it produces the device found/connected sound, like when you connect a usb device.

Now here's the thing. When i interact with BIOS or windows repair, everything works fine, both the integrated K/M and the usb ones.

Tried safe mode, the same as normal. System restore, nothing. *Sfc /scannow, nothing. Chkdsk for possible corruptions, nothing. Also, i can't seem to use system restore anymore, it just shows the 0x8000ffff error. *Cmd via windows repair not from inside the OS.

So, the problem is not the devices themselves. Here's where i am now and i can't do virtually anything because without a keyboard/mouse there isn't much to do. I see the desktop and it seems that everything loads ok, but the mouse pointer is stuck in the middle of the screen and no input works. Maybe, there are some commands for troubleshooting peripheral devices, but i don't know them and can't find them. I would like to leave formatting as THE last resort.

Edit: For some reason, the sleep key on the external usb keyboard works and puts the laptop in hibernation

2nd Edit: While i was pressing random keys on the integrated keyboard, the combination of the Fn key with the F keys, (brightness, wi-fi) worked for just 2 seconds. So, maybe it's not a driver issue, as i'm leaning to.

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