signtool fail with inno setup : 0x80070003 - "Store IsDiskFile() failed"


I'm getting a weird error whiles signing my software. I'm using inno setup 4.5.2.

Running Sign Tool command: signtool.exe sign /a /f cert.pfx /v /t "" /p pwd /d "Setup Label" "out\uninst.e32.tmp"
SignTool Error: An unexpected internal error has occurred.
Error information: "Error: Store IsDiskFile() failed." (-2147024893/0x80070003)
Error in W:\path\installer.iss: Sign Tool failed with exit code 0x1.
Compile aborted.

Command line seems pretty ok, it even work outside the inno setup compile. While setting the SignedUninstaller=no get me farther, it still make this error while trying to sign the output setup file.

Now i've looked pretty much everywhere for that error code (0x80070003) and/or the message "Store IsDiskFile() failed". I have also tried with multiple version of signtool.

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I figured out the problem, the path to the certificate must be relative to the installer output path, not the current working folder. In this case, it would be "..\cert.pfx".

answered on Stack Overflow Oct 12, 2011 by draeron • edited Aug 28, 2020 by Uwe Keim

I had the same problem. My problem was I have used " in the signTool command, while I needed to use $q instead. Surprisingly it was successfully signed the executable but it failed to sign the result setup.exe file.


My problem was having the .pfx file on a network drive (G:). Moving it to a lokal drive (C:) solved the problem.

answered on Stack Overflow Mar 29, 2021 by ProjectTimeTracker

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