SMPP BIND ERROR: 0x0000000D in EasySMPP


I am implementing the SMPP client using EasySMPP for .NET

The application is compiling fine but there was no successful outcome and I am getting this weird error


What can be done for this, please help.

asked on Stack Overflow Sep 23, 2011 by Harsh Baid

1 Answer


The error code of 0x0000000D is unfortunately a rather generic "Bind Failed".

To find out what the error codes mean check section 5.1.3, command_status, of the SMPP specification you linked to.

Common causes for getting a "Bind Failed" response are:

  • Your supplier only allows certain IP addresses to connect
  • Trying to connect to wrong hostname/port combination
  • Wrong username/password

To troubleshoot, you could try running Wireshark on your client and take a look at the SMPP PDUs being passed backwards and forwards, if you post the capture on here I'm happy to take a look. Or you could give your supplier a call, they may be able to see something helpful in their server logs.

answered on Stack Overflow Sep 28, 2011 by Martin Steel

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