Deploying a WPF Prism application using ClickOnce runs in to a generic error


I am trying to deploy a WPF Prism application using ClickOnce Deployment. I have followed the following steps (

  1. Publishing an Initial Version of the Shell Application
  2. Updating the Manifests to Include Dynamically Loaded Module Assemblies - I have used Mage to include the dynamically loaded modules.

and then tried to launch and install the application but it runs in to a generic error.

"Application cannot be started. Contact the applicaiton vendor"

I am not running any other applications. I am running in to this error everytime I try to install the application. Please find the details from the log below.

OPERATION PROGRESS STATUS * [9/19/2011 4:22:20 PM] : Activation of http://localhost/ABCTools/ABCTools.Shell.application has started. * [9/19/2011 4:22:20 PM] : Processing of deployment manifest has successfully completed.

ERROR DETAILS Following errors were detected during this operation. * [9/19/2011 4:22:20 PM] System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException - Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800705AA) - Source: System.Deployment

asked on Stack Overflow Sep 19, 2011 by nick

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You should verify whether the installation fails the same on a different computer. The exception you are getting is related to system corruption, possibly even of NGEN (in the .net framework).

answered on Stack Overflow Oct 3, 2011 by Bahri Gungor

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