Why am I getting access denied error Reverse Linked List in C


Always get the error code. I'm trying to reverse transverse the list and print. Is there something I'm missing in the creation of the list? I can print the list normal but just not reversed Any help would be appreciated

struct stNode {
    char            *pName;
    double          avg;
    struct stNode   *next;
    struct stNode   *prev;
}; //stNode
typedef struct stNode Node;

void  createList(Node **head, Node **tail) {
    Node* tmp;
    Node* x;

    for(int i = 0;i < INPUTSIZE; i++){
        //stores values in nodes
        tmp = malloc(sizeof(Node));
        tmp->avg = f1input_avg[i];
        tmp->pName = f1input_name[i];
        tmp->next = NULL;

        //If list is empty
        if( *head == NULL){
            *head  = tmp;
        //Creates subsequent nodes
            x = *head;
            while(x->next != NULL){
                x = x->next;
            x->next = tmp;
} // createList

void RevprintList(Node *head){
         Node        *cur = NULL;

    printf("=======Reversed List =======\n");
    cur = head;
    while (cur->next != NULL) {
        cur = cur->next;

    while (cur != head){
        printf("%-15s %5.2lf\n", cur->pName, cur->avg);
        cur = cur->prev;

int main() {
    Node        *head = NULL;
    Node        *tail = NULL;

    createList(&head, &tail);
    freeList(&head, &tail);

Process returned -1073741819 (0xC0000005)

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