Problem accessing PostgreSql with TLS 1.2 using Devart library


I'm using the library Devart.Data.PostgreSql ( to interact with PostgreSQL from a C# application, but I run into problems when I try to connect to a PostgreSQL instance hosted in Azure that enforces TLS 1.2. From what I understand there is a problem with ciphers not being able to match during the handshake as I end up with this exception:

Devart.Data.PostgreSql.PgSqlException (0x80004005): Authentication failed in ssl mode. --->
Devart.Data.PostgreSql.PgSqlException (0x80004005): FIPS cipher suites are enforced for this
server. Please specify FIPS complying cipher suites in your SSL/TLS settings.

How can I identify which ciphers are available to me, and how can I control which ciphers to use? I see Microsoft has a list of ciphers it supports for this type of connections so I assume I need to match one of these, but I'm at a loss as to how to control this in my application:

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