Device Manager for Tizen won't open (0xc000007b)


I'm facing a problem with Tizen Studio, my device-manager does not work. At first I had a DLL problem (mscvp120.dll) that I managed to correct. I am now facing a second problem when I launch Device-manager I get this error (0xc000007b). I've already found some topics that talk about it and propose solutions, but I've tried everything nothing works:

  • I have installed jdk8 as recommended by the samsung developers.
  • I have correctly configured the environment variables for java
  • Re-install Tizen Studio
  • Re-install Java 8 and JDK 8
  • The Device Manager package is correctly installed
  • shutdown/start up my computer

Nothing worked. If you have any clues I would be delighted.

Error Message

Correct installation of java and jdk

asked on Stack Overflow May 5, 2021 by Mad Max Baxx • edited May 5, 2021 by Federico klez Culloca

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Your PC name contains space character (Maxime Guenneteau). It will cause many issue. You can change it (remove space) and retry.

answered on Stack Overflow May 6, 2021 by imdungnguyen

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