Error uninstalling Microsoft Azure Service Fabric


Trying to uninstall Microsoft Azure service fabric from Program Files. The uninstall log is as follows:

FabricSetup.exe invoked with arguments (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Service Fabric\bin\fabric          \fabric.code\FabricSetup.exe /operation:uninstall). Current Exe version 6.5.676.9590
Environment information Data Root c:\elements\sf, Log Root c:\elements\logs\servicefabric
Starting service eventlog
Starting service pla
Starting FabricDeployer::Uninstall
CreateProcess Successful for CommandLine:FabricDeployer.exe /operation:Remove. ProcessId:716           MainThreadId:11476 ProcessHandle:1b8
Configuration Deployment removal failed with error 0xffffffff
FabricDeployer::Uninstall failed with error 0xffffffff
**Error 0xffffffff while running FabricDeployer::Uninstall, Ignoring**
Starting ARPManager::Uninstall
ARPManager::Uninstall successful

This is the only error in the log. I did not post full log as there are no other errors. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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