Error while installing mssql container on Docker


I wanted to install mssql container in Kitematic (Docker Desktop) but I'm getting below error in logs. Kindly request your help. I also tried to install directly from Docker Desktop but when I start the container it exits immediately most probably because of this log.


This program has encountered a fatal error and cannot continue running. The following diagnostic information is available: Reason: 0x00000003 Message: result == 0 Stacktrace: 00000040000573fe 0000004000056f90 0000004000036d81 00000040000377af 000000400004cc51 00000040000295df 000000400490d830 00000040000269a9 Process: 10 - sqlservr Thread: 10 Instance Id: b5e2d0eb-c8f7-49c5-a16b-f9bc9dd4c086 Crash Id: c02c42ee-6716-4072-904c-d1c475fd54e1 Build stamp: 7d599fe53e35b5a1b0c8a5e4185d8b7334e01a8c5fa77540415502a85f37ef27 Capturing core dump and information... dmesg: read kernel buffer failed: Operation not permitted No journal files were found. No journal files were found. Attempting to capture a dump with paldumper WARNING: Capture attempt failure detected Attempting to capture a filtered dump with paldumper WARNING: Attempt to capture dump failed. Reference /var/opt/mssql/log/core.sqlservr.10.temp/log/paldumper-debug.log for details Attempting to capture a dump with gdb <A>.

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