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I am trying to remove the already installed dependencies in UWP app specifically "Microsoft.NET.CoreRuntime.2.2.appx". I need to remove this dependency because SCCM wizard is complaining if i don't include it in the installation package and the windows device is complaining that the package above is already installed and i need to increment it's version number which i can't because it's auto generated after publishing the app.

I tried to open the appxbundle and edit the manifest file manually but after i try to install it through powershell, i get the following error:

0x80073CF0, Package could not be opened.
error 0x8007000D: Opening the package from location UwpClient_2.0.3.0_x64_UpdatedManafeist.appxbundle failed

It's weird that Microsoft SCCM wizard is smart enough to know about required dependencies when creating a package but not smart enough to skip already installed dependencies.

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