Unhandled exception at 0x7B2B49F8 (sfml-graphics-d-2.dll) in Prepare.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location


I'm a bit of a beginner with C++ and SFML. I've run into an unhandled exception which I don't understand how to fix. If the code I've included isn't enough to reveal the situation let me know.

I would think it has to do with not being able to refer to m_QuantityText.

This is the line with the unhandled exception window.draw(player.lookAtItem(i).text());

This is the function called by the line

Text Item::text()
    return m_QuantityText;

The Header File

#pragma once

#include <SFML/Graphics.hpp>

using namespace sf;

class Item
    String m_Name = "";
    Sprite m_Sprite;
    Text m_QuantityText;
    Font m_Font;
    int m_Quantity = 0;
    int m_StacksTo = 1;
    int m_Value = 0;

    int m_Hudsize;
    int m_Padding;
    Item(String name, String spriteFileName, int quantity, int stacksTo, int value, Font primaryFont, int hudSize, int padding);
    String name();
    Sprite sprite();
    Vector2f position();
    Text text();
    int quantity();
    void add(int amount);
    void setFont(Font font);
    int stacksTo();
    int value();
    void setPosition(Vector2f position);
    void update();

This is the constructor for Item

Item::Item(String name, String spriteFileName, int quantity, int stacksTo, int value, Font primaryFont, int hudSize, int padding)
    m_Name = name;
    m_Sprite.setOrigin(32, 32);
    m_Quantity = quantity;
    m_StacksTo = stacksTo;
    m_Value = value;
    m_Font = primaryFont;
    std::stringstream string;
    string << m_Quantity;
    m_QuantityText.setOrigin(m_QuantityText.getGlobalBounds().width, 0);
    m_QuantityText.setPosition(0, 0);

    m_Hudsize = hudSize;
    m_Padding = padding;

The item's initialisation Item Sword = Item("Sword", "graphics/Sword.png", 1, 4, 20, primaryFont, hudSize, padding);

(player.lookAtItem(0) was set to = Sword)

Item Player::lookAtItem(int position)
    return m_Hotbar[position];

m_Hotbar is an array of Items


So I now have the font of each Item stored as a member variable and I also changed a few other things in the code outside what is here and in what is here. I'm not entirely sure what fixed it.

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