Hololens2 Azure Spatial Anchors Tutorial Crash


Trying to follow the Microsoft Azure Spatial Anchors tutorial (even after it was recently updated) but the Release build of the project crashes on launch on the device (just after the Unity splash screen). Interestingly a Debug build of the same project seems to launch ok.

I've been able to build, deploy, test both the basic Hololen2 tutorials and the ASA Samples as well as some custom projects so don't think this is a general development or deployment issue.

Have others been able to follow this tutorial and successfully deploy to a device recently and/or is there any suggestions to diagnose the issue further?

Setup and Unity packages used (as per the tutorial and linked instructions):

  • Hololens OS (up to date): 19041.1136
  • Unity 2019.4.19f1
  • com.microsoft.azure.spatial-anchors-sdk.core@2.7.1
  • com.microsoft.azure.spatial-anchors-sdk.windows@2.7.1
  • MRTK Foundation - 2.5.3 from the basic tutorial series (MRTK Package Tool)
  • AR Foundation: 3.1.3
  • Windows Mixed Reality: 4.2.1 (downgrade from 4.2.3?)
  • MRTK.HoloLens2.Unity.Tutorials.Assets.GettingStarted.2.4.0.unitypackage
  • MRTK.HoloLens2.Unity.Tutorials.Assets.AzureSpatialAnchors.2.4.0.unitypackage

Note: MRTK.HoloLens2.Unity.Tutorials.Assets.AzureSpatialAnchors.2.4.0.unitypackage listed in the tutorial actually links to a new 2.5.3 package (https://github.com/microsoft/MixedRealityLearning/releases/tag/azure-spatial-anchors-v2.5.3) however the version file in this package still has 2.4.0??

Exception thrown at 0x00000226E0FBCC40 in Workspace Hololens2 MRTK.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation executing location 0x00000226E0FBCC40.

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Have you tried to upgrade the ASA SDK to version 2.7.2 (https://github.com/Azure/azure-spatial-anchors-samples/releases/tag/v2.7.2)?

They have recently fixed an error exactly like the one you're reporting:

  • "The first bug was specific to ARM32 builds running on HoloLens 2 and was manifesting as an access violation crash in SDK during anchor creation or query."
answered on Stack Overflow Feb 15, 2021 by jpcrodrigues

I have the same Problem. Running it without the Debug Window worked for me!

answered on Stack Overflow Apr 27, 2021 by Tom Felder

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