How to install Python 3.8.6 64 bit? Error 0x80070643


I have an installation of Python 3.8.6 32bit, and I need the 64bit version, as I am planning on using TensorFlow. When I run the executable installer that I just downloaded from, I get the following error:

Installer Window

It then proceeds to say that it had 0x80070643 and a Fatal Error during the Installation.

enter image description here

How do I fix this error? Preferably without needing Administrator permissions.

P.S. I am running a 64bit processor and Python 3.9 64bit installed ok.

asked on Stack Overflow Dec 8, 2020 by PythonSnek

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All it took was an install with Admin Rights. Question Solved.

answered on Stack Overflow Mar 8, 2021 by PythonSnek

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