Some issues with using DeepLearning4J dlls


I am working with DeepLearning4J working with the 1.0.0-beta7 release. I am getting two errors at run time.

  1. jnind4jcpu.dll unsupported jni version 0xffffffff
  2. no nd4jcpu in java.library.path

I setup a path to the to a folder where I have a few other dlls for this effort. I am using java jvm 1.8.

So what version of the jvm should I use for question #1 and where in the dn4j maven project can I find the second one? I tried the uber jar for nd4j and still the same errors.

Thanks for any help!

asked on Stack Overflow Oct 29, 2020 by Tony Anecito

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Your issue doesn't have anything to do with the java version. Make sure you're not mixing versions of dl4j.

You don't really need to dig in to the internals or deal with any of the manual workarounds that you normally see in the jni based libraries.

All you need to do is include nd4j-native-platform in your classpath:


Nd4j/dl4j is based on javacpp and takes care of all of that for you. To give you even more targeted advice, I would have to know more about your environment (ideally reproducible on github)

answered on Stack Overflow Oct 29, 2020 by Adam Gibson • edited Oct 29, 2020 by Adam Gibson

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