WiX 3.11 Bootstrapper error message displays over another error message


So I'm using the WiX bootstrapper to install a wix created MSI (wpf/c#) along with two other installers. The problem is if the user uninstalls one of the other programs, my program will not be uninstalled and I'm left with a generic (and broken) "0x80070643 - Fatal error during installation."

I would like to have a custom message here but I want to figure out why it's displaying two messages in this buggy way first, and I'm still unsure on how to do a custom error message in the bootstrapper.

The main reason I'm asking this question is because WiX is actually displaying TWO error messages one on top of the other (with the one I mentioned previously being on top.) If you click the close button but don't let go until you drag off the button to prevent it from actually closing, it displays another error message "One or more issues caused the setup to fail. Please fix the issues and then retry setup. For more information see the log file." This is the message that you can barely see the top of behind the other one and I'm wondering why it's displaying two messages at once in a broken way. Here's what the errors look like in wix. The custom action in this case is returning ActionResult.Failure.

WiX bootstrapper displaying one error message on top of another

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