Connect to AS400 through.Net Core 3.1


I am trying to connect to AS400 through .Net Core 3.1 but getting the following exception while trying to open a db connection.

{IBM.Data.DB2.Core.DB2Exception (0x80004005): ERROR [42968] [IBM] SQL1598N An attempt to connect to the database server failed because of a licensing problem. SQLSTATE=42968 at IBM.Data.DB2.Core.DB2ConnPool.Open(DB2Connection connection, String& szConnectionString, DB2ConnSettings& ppSettings, Object& ppConn)

I am using the nuget pkg "IBM.Data.DB2.Core"

Code snippet :

            string MyDb2ConnectionString = "server=<ip>:<port>;database=<database>;uid=<username>;pwd=<password>;"; 
    DB2Connection MyDb2Connection = new DB2Connection(MyDb2ConnectionString);

How do I get the licensing information? Any help would be much appreciated.

PS : connection to as400 through jdbc works fine.

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