Error while trying to run package with dtexec


I'm attempting to run a package from command line with plans to schedule the run via batch.

I enter the following

dtexec /Project "C:\Users\XXXXXX\Documents\Batch\ScheduleRun\ScheduledRun\ScheduledRun" /Package "batchrun.dtsx"

generates this error

Started: 11:18:01 AM Could not load project "C:\Users\XXXXXX\Documents\Batch\ScheduleRun\ScheduledRun\ScheduledRun" because of error 0x80070005. Description: Access to the path 'C:\Users\XXXXXX\Documents\Batch\ScheduleRun\ScheduledRun\ScheduledRun' is denied. Source: mscorlib Started: 11:18:01 AM Finished: 11:18:01 AM Elapsed: 0.047 seconds

I tried running CMD as admin and I get the same error. Any idea what may be the cause of this?

Thanks SJ

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