adb can't connect to


I was trying to follow the instructions provided in this reply to the question of having a faster adb. However upon doing step 6, I run into the error unable to connect to

The only difference in my set-up from the one described in the link is that I am using VMware. During VM set-up, I didn't see any options to set-up a "Network: PCnet-Fast III", but it is already set to NAT. (Okay. Pardon me as I am not very comfortable with networking stuff yet.)

Doing netcfg gives me

lo   UP 0x00000049
eth0 DOWN   0x00001002

Any hints?


(BTW, sorry if linking to another thread/answer is bad form in StackOverflow. I'm used to forums discussion and, in the thread I linked to, I no longer see anyway to add a comment or something.)

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Only 4 months late, but if you have a router at home (which is very likely), then use a Bridged Adapter, so that it becomes another device on your home network. You can then

./adb connect
answered on Stack Overflow Oct 11, 2011 by Mendhak

oh i find answer. before use adb connect command most use adb kill-server command. see following url. thanks to all.

answered on Stack Overflow Mar 11, 2012 by rasoul

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