`mtp-detect` on GoPro HERO8 PTP Layer error 02ff: LIBMTP_Get_Storage()


I posted an issue on the libmtp github page but am crossposting it here for more visibility.

I have the latest code that I built from source, but I am seeing the same issue in previous versions as well. I am trying to access my GoPro HERO 8 over USB on Debian 10.5. I get the errors below when using mtp-detect. I get similar error messages when using the other mtp tools as well. I've tried to dig in to see what is causing this error, but I've been able to find very little to point me in the right direction. Any assistance anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!

I should mention that using mtp-detect on MacOS works without any issues.

$ ./mtp-detect 
libmtp version: 1.1.17

Listing raw device(s)
Device 0 (VID=2672 and PID=0049) is a GoPro HERO8 Black.
   Found 1 device(s):
   GoPro: HERO8 Black (2672:0049) @ bus 1, dev 23
Attempting to connect device(s)
Android device detected, assigning default bug flags
Error 2: PTP Layer error 02ff: LIBMTP_Get_Storage(): Could not get storage info.
Error 2: Error 02ff: PTP I/O Error
Error 1: Get Storage information failed.
USB low-level info:
   Using kernel interface "usbfs"
   bcdUSB: 528
   bDeviceClass: 0
   bDeviceSubClass: 0
   bDeviceProtocol: 0
   idVendor: 2672
   idProduct: 0049
   IN endpoint maxpacket: 512 bytes
   OUT endpoint maxpacket: 512 bytes
   Raw device info:
      Bus location: 1
      Device number: 23
      Device entry info:
         Vendor: GoPro
         Vendor id: 0x2672
         Product: HERO8 Black
         Vendor id: 0x0049
         Device flags: 0x18008106
Configuration 0, interface 0, altsetting 0:
   Interface description contains the string "MTP"
   Device recognized as MTP, no further probing.
Device info:
   Manufacturer: GoPro
   Model: HERO8 BLACK
   Device version: HD8.
   Serial number: C3331351022146
   Vendor extension ID: 0x00000006
   Vendor extension description: microsoft.com: 1.0; android.com: 1.0;
   Detected object size: 32 bits
        microsoft.com: 1.0
        android.com: 1.0
Supported operations:
   1001: Get device info
   1002: Open session
   1003: Close session
   1004: Get storage IDs
   1005: Get storage info
   1006: Get number of objects
   1007: Get object handles
   1008: Get object info
   1009: Get object
   100a: Get thumbnail
   100b: Delete object
   100c: Send object info
   100d: Send object
   100f: Format storage
   1014: Get device property description
   1015: Get device property value
   1017: Reset device property value
   1019: Move object
   101b: Get partial object
   9801: Get object properties supported
   9802: Get object property description
   9803: Get object property value
   9805: Get object property list
   9810: Get object references
   95c1: Get Partial Object (64bit Offset)
   95c2: Send Partial Object
   95c3: Truncate Object
   95c4: Begin Edit Object
   95c5: End Edit Object
Events supported:
   0x4002: ObjectAdded
   0x4003: ObjectRemoved
   0x4004: StoreAdded
   0x4005: StoreRemoved
   0x4007: ObjectInfoChanged
   0xc801: ObjectPropChanged
   0xc002: Unknown Event
   0xc003: Unknown Event
Device Properties Supported:
   0xd402: Friendly Device Name
   0xd401: Synchronization Partner
Playable File (Object) Types and Object Properties Supported:
   3000: Undefined Type
   3001: Association/Directory
   3004: Text
   3005: HTML
   4000: Unknown(4000)
   3800: Defined Type
   3801: JPEG
   4001: Unknown(4001)
   3802: TIFF EP
   3804: BMP
   3807: GIF
   3808: JFIF
   380b: PNG
   380d: TIFF
   380e: TIFF_IT
   380f: JP2
   3810: JPX
   b902: OGG
   3009: MP3
   3008: MS Wave
   b901: WMA
   b903: AAC
   b906: FLAC
   ba03: Abstract Audio Album
   ba05: Abstract Audio Video Playlist
Special directories:
   Default music folder: 0xffffffff
   Default playlist folder: 0xffffffff
   Default picture folder: 0xffffffff
   Default video folder: 0xffffffff
   Default organizer folder: 0xffffffff
   Default zencast folder: 0xffffffff
   Default album folder: 0xffffffff
   Default text folder: 0xffffffff
MTP-specific device properties:
   Friendly name: (NULL)
   Synchronization partner: (NULL)
libmtp supported (playable) filetypes:
   Text file
   HTML file
   JPEG file
   BMP bitmap file
   GIF bitmap file
   JFIF file
   Portable Network Graphics
   TIFF bitmap file
   JP2 file
   JPX file
   Ogg container format
   ISO MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3
   RIFF WAVE file
   Microsoft Windows Media Audio
   Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)/MPEG-2 Part 7/MPEG-4 Part 3
   Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
   Abstract Album file
   Abstract Playlist file
ERROR: Could not close session!
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