Unable to connect to Bluetooth HID device with InTheHand.Net (32feet)


I am trying to write a program in C# with that connects to the Nintendo Switch JoyCon controller (which is a Bluetooth HID device) using the 32feet library. I want to bypass the buggy Bluetooth pairing system in Windows 10, so this is why I am writing my own solution. Also, I am aware that there are many drivers out there for this controller, but I haven't had much luck with any of them, and I want to try to make it myself.

Here is my code so far:

var client = new BluetoothClient();
var devices = client.DiscoverDevices().ToList();
var device = devices.FirstOrDefault(d => d.DeviceName.Contains("Joy-Con (L)"));

if (device != null)
    Console.Out.WriteLine("Found Device!");
    Console.Out.WriteLine("    Name: " + device.DeviceName);
    Console.Out.WriteLine("    Address: " + device.DeviceAddress);
    Console.Out.WriteLine("    Authenticated: " + device.Authenticated);
    Console.Out.WriteLine("    Connected: " + device.Connected);
    Console.Out.WriteLine("    HID: " + device.InstalledServices.Contains(BluetoothService.HumanInterfaceDevice));

        Console.Out.WriteLine("Enabling Service...");
        device.SetServiceState(BluetoothService.HumanInterfaceDevice, true);
        client.Connect(device.DeviceAddress, BluetoothService.HumanInterfaceDevice); // Program.cs:line 36
    catch (Exception e)
        Console.WriteLine("Failed to connect.");

    var stream = client.GetStream();

// ...


Currently my program can discover the device, but when I try to connect, I get an exception.

Here is the output from the code above:

Found Device!
    Name: Joy-Con (L)
    Address: 48A5E761AB55
    Authenticated: True
    Connected: False
    HID: True
Enabling Service...
Failed to connect.
System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): A socket operation failed because the destination host was down
   at InTheHand.Net.Sockets.Win32Socket.ThrowOnSocketError(Int32 result, Boolean throwOnDisconnected)
   at InTheHand.Net.Sockets.Win32Socket.Connect(EndPoint remoteEP)
   at InTheHand.Net.Sockets.BluetoothClient.DoConnect(BluetoothAddress address, Guid service)
   at InTheHand.Net.Sockets.BluetoothClient.Connect(BluetoothAddress address, Guid service)
   at BTJoyConTest.Program.Main(String[] args) in Program.cs:line 36

As you can see, the device is paired (device.Authenticated) and it reports that it supports HID.

I've never used 32feet before, so I might be missing something from the code. Any help is appretiated.

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