How to solve the Exception Thrown Errors in C code?


I've written this code in Visual Studio Community 2019 to copy string. It had no error when debug but came with error in stdio.h when compile, Here is the error:

Exception Thrown

Exception thrown at 0x00007FF890DEF455(ucrtbased.dll) in StringCopy.exe:0xC0000005:Access violation writing location 0x000000C45C100000

And here are the codes:

int main()
  int i;
  char s1[128],s2[128];
  printf_s("Enter string:\n");
      s2[i] = s1[i];
  s2[i] = '\0';
  printf_s("The output string is : %s",s2);
  return 0;

If anyone can show me a full solution to this problem I'll be very grateful! Thank you!

asked on Stack Overflow Jul 28, 2020 by Tri Vien Nguyen

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