Cannot start Excel Web Add-in with Visual Studio 2019 since update


currently i can not start a excel office web add-in with the debugger from Visual Studio 2019 since i updated it yesterday. There appears a error and the debugger stops immediately. This is independent of whether I use an existing project or a new one.

In the output is only the message:

The program 'excel.exe' has exited with code -1 (0xffffffff).

I have checked the EventLog, but found no error.

With Visual Studio 2017 I can start the add-in without errors, but this does not help me, because debugging here does not work with TypeScript (converted project).

Is there a solution for this or is there someone with the same problem?

  • Visual Studio 2017: 15.9.24
  • Visual Studio 2019: 16.6.3
  • Office 2016: 16.0.12827.20328
  • Excel: Version 2005 (Build 12827.20336)

first error message in visual studio second error message in visual studio


We tested this on two other machines with the result: Before we tried to start our existing ExcelWebAddin project, everything works fine. We were able to create and start a new ExcelWebAddin project without any problem. Everything works fine. After that we tried to start our existing ExcelWebAddin project and it failed on the other machines with the same error message. Now nothing works on the other two machines either and the new projects can't be started from Visual Studio anymore.

Unfortunately I cannot upload the project to Github. But actually it is an ExcelWebAddin project, which was converted according to instructions for TypeScript.

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