FMU model with multiple input


I have a FMU model having multiple input. I am trying to simulate the with my given input

res = model.simulate(start_time=1, final_time=500, input=input_object)

the program exit with the error code Process finished with exit code -1073741819 (0xC0000005)

If I remove the input_object then it works.

my input_object has the structure as below,

in_mf = np.ones((500, 1), float) * 0.1
in_temp = np.ones((500, 1), float) * 473.15
in_v = np.ones((500, 1), float) * 0.0
in_a = np.ones((500, 1), float) * 0.0

data = np.transpose(np.vstack((t,in_temp, in_v, in_a))) 
input_object = (['in_temp', 'in_vel', 'in_acc'], data)```
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