Error creating RTI C# Connector in Unity3D


I am trying to establish a connection between Unity and DDS using RTI C# Connector. For this, I followed the steps below in order:

1-) I cloned the repository and compiled the API as stated in the documentation.

2-) RTI.Connext.Connector.dll was imported into Unity (Assets/Plugins folder) and C:\rticonnextdds-connector-cs\rticonnextdds-connector\lib\x64Win64VS2013 added to environment PATH.

I have done the steps correctly but I get this error:

Cannot create connector: System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException (0x80004005): Error creating connector at RTI.Connext.Connector.Interface.Connector..ctor (System.String configName, System.String configFile) [0x00026] in C:\rticonnextdds-connector-cs\src\Connector\Interface\Connector.cs:29 at RTI.Connext.Connector.Connector..ctor (System.String configName, System.String configFile) [0x00044] in C:\rticonnextdds-connector-cs\src\Connector\Connector.cs:39

public class MotionControl : MonoBehaviour {

string configPath = "/Scenes/USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml";
string configName = "MyParticipantLibrary::SubscriptionParticipant";

  void Start()
        Connector connector = new Connector(configName, configPath);
         RTI.Connext.Connector.Input reader = connector.GetInput(readerName);

    catch (Exception e)
      Debug.LogError($"Cannot create connector: {e}");


What could be the cause of this error? Any help will be appreciated.

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