Windows 7 error code 0x800A138F - 'item().SystemUpTime' is null or not an object


Has anyone ever seen this error on Windows 7? The majority of help with this error code is for Windows Update, but it just means a resource isn't found.

I started task manager and could see the PC had been up for 4 days, which isn't a big deal for office PCs. This PC is shutdown every Friday and restarted on Monday, so it almost made it. It's just an information error that reportedly pops up every 10 minutes (or otherwise rather frequently for the user) regardless if she closes the popup or not. She restarted the computer and we're waiting to see if it comes up again, but I wanted to inquire about this error to see if anyone had seen it before and knows what might have caused it.

Script: C:\Users\Public\explorer.js
Line: 25
Char: 3
Error: 'item().SystemUpTime' is null or not an object
Code: 800A138F
Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error

asked on Stack Overflow May 22, 2020 by ldraynor

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