STM32 Leaving DFU mode, code doesn't start


So for this question, I'm using stm32l4 device. It is a Cortex M4. I've been developing with stmcubemx and Kiel compiler.

I have a program that can jump to the stm32 provided dfu mode. That works great. I can update the code using DfuSe Demo.

I've run into this issue I don't know if is an issue with my code, how it is compiled, or something else? I use DfuSe Demo to "leave DFU mode" and the program doesn't appear to start running? I'd expect to leave DFU mode and my program to run, which happened earlier in development with simple code.

But lately, it doesn't start running. I used stm32 st-link utility to pull the core info from the device.

R0-R12 is 0x0. 
R13: 0x20003cc0 (I think this is SRAM1)
R14: 0xffffffff
APSR: 0x0
IPSR: 0x0
EPSR: 0x10000000
XPSR: 0x10000000
PSP: 0x0
MSP: 0x20003cc0 
PC: 0x800029c

I looked at my map file and it appears that the PC is

.text   0x0800029c   Section       64  startup_stm32l496xx.o(.text)

Any advice as to where to start understanding what is happening? Why my code wouldn't start? Is there something I should look into?

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