Virtualization in AMD Processors


greets. After getting a decent computer to start coding I realized that AMD processors can't run HAXM... and that is pretty much it, please help:

  • I already got in the BIOS and activated the SVM (in case it's not on the BIOS)
  • AMD FX-8320E
  • I have only be able to find old posts with dead links to other posts
  • Android Studio
  • Kotlin

Any sugestions please.

  • it was sugested for AMD to create a device, and in the "ABI" column it has to say: ARM EABI v7a or ARM 64 v8a
  • it was sugested to
  • Windows right click Windows Button
  • Select "Apps and Features"
  • "Programs and features"
  • "Turn Windows Features on and off"
  • In the displayed list select Hyper-V checkbox == Make sure the subfolders are all selected.
  • When prompted to restart, restart the PC.
  • After restart and update instalation screen you are back in Windows and you should be able to run the Emulator.

  • New update: the Windows version has to be pro, no emulator will work on home edition, I do have pro

  • New edit Emulator: Enable via Windows Features: "Windows Hypervisor Platform". Restart. No need for Hyper-V and Win10 Pro.

  • After this the emulator just showed: "Process finished with exit code -1073741819 (0xC0000005)"

  • Well I finally gave up, I reinstalled a brand new downloaded version of Windows, made with the official tool offered in their site

  • After that I re-followed all the steps I collected from the other question that were given, trying to open the virtual device between each new step.

  • and Voilá! after 2 windows installations and a lot of "steps" it did work, Idk the exact thing that made it worked (it started working exactly at the step where you check Hyper-V checkbox)

Hope it helps if you ever find yourself stuck in something like this, you can't check the links in the question for more.

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