What are the different causes for error code 0x3?


It's been a couple times now I end up with programs crashing with a return value of 3. Although I've always managed to solve it by re-writing or changing my code, I am now getting curious for the causes of this error code(And Google doesn't seem to have nearly as much data on it as 0xc0000005). According to the Microsoft docs, it happens when the system cannot find the path specified.

Now, I might just be bad at understanding english, but I cannot understand how this error can possibly relate to my codes(No files/pointers involved or manipulated in these specific cases). My only guess is the problem being related to some internal DLLs missing.

Could anybody please provide me with further explanation over this error code? I feel like I should understand what is the cause of a problem before trying to even solve it, and it might help in future cases.

Thank you very much.

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