Trouble shooting Task Scheduler and R


I'm posting this at the risk of being down voted... but I really need help on this.

I've been scouring SO and R-Bloggers trying to find out why I can't get Task Scheduler to execute my R Script. I've looked at Scheduling R Script as well as How to run R from the Task Scheduler and Batch Processing.

Caveat: I'm new to writing batch files, so this is pretty foreign territory for me.

I get one of two things happening: either the task runs successfully, but there are no outputs (assuming R was "executed", but did not run a script), or when I create a Task using the path C:\R\R-3.6.1\bin\x64\Rscript.exe and try to add parameters, I get an error stating Task Start Failed, The directory name is invalid (0x8007010B)

What's frustrating is I had this working before, but fiddled with some of my script and now it doesn't work.

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