Classic Asp - Server.Tranfer to parent path - is it possible


I have an classic asp application where I would like to use Server.Transfer(path) so that the path points to asp-file that locates in the parent directory. I can only have Server.Transfer work for now only for asp-files that are either in the same directory as the calling asp-page or in child directories (using Server.Transfer("routine.asp") or Server.Transfer("./childfol/routine.asp")). I have been trying to find examples how to define path to asp files that are in parent folders - so far without any success, I only get the error: "0x80004005 - Server object: 006~ASP 0230~Server.Transfer Error~The call to Server.Transfer failed while loading the page."

Is it possible to use parents paths with Server.Transfer? - And if so how to define path. I have been trying many variations like: Server.Transfer("../parentpath/routine.asp")

And note that I have enabled parent paths in IIS!

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