Chromium Edge-based WebView2 does not work


I have followed all the instructions from Getting Started with WebView2 (developer preview) to create an app that is using Microsoft Edge (Chromium). However, it is not able to find the Edge browser. I also tried the sample apps (this and this) but with the same results. I have built the apps both for 32- and 64-bit.

What I get from calling CreateWebView2EnvironmentWithDetails() is error 0x80070002, which is ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (The system cannot find the file specified.)

HRESULT hr = CreateWebView2EnvironmentWithDetails(nullptr, nullptr, nullptr,
     [hWnd](HRESULT result, IWebView2Environment* env) -> HRESULT {

        // Create a WebView, whose parent is the main window hWnd
        env->CreateWebView(hWnd, Callback<IWebView2CreateWebViewCompletedHandler>(
           [hWnd](HRESULT result, IWebView2WebView* webview) -> HRESULT {
              if (webview != nullptr) {
                 webviewWindow = webview;

              // Resize WebView to fit the bounds of the parent window
              RECT bounds;
              GetClientRect(hWnd, &bounds);

              // Schedule an async task to navigate to Bing

              return S_OK;
        return S_OK;

if (!SUCCEEDED(hr))
        L"Couldn't find Edge installation. "
        "Do you have a version installed that's compatible with this "
        "WebView2 SDK version?",
        nullptr, MB_OK);
     std::wstringstream formattedMessage;
     formattedMessage << L"Failed to create webview environment" 
                      << ": 0x" << std::hex << std::setw(8) << hr;
     MessageBox(nullptr, formattedMessage.str().c_str(), nullptr, MB_OK);

I have:

  • Edge Version 79.0.309.60 (Official build) beta (64-bit)
  • Windows 10.0.17134
  • Visual Studio 2019 16.4.2

Any ideas why my Edge installation is not found?

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Probably the version of the Browser is not compatible with the latest version of the SDK, you may have to go back some versions for it to work, following the list:

Edit: As informed by one of the developers of WebView2, at the moment WebView2 is still in preview version so always the latest version of Webview2 will accompany the latest canary version of Edge.

answered on Stack Overflow Jan 24, 2020 by Fernando Vellozo • edited Jan 24, 2020 by Fernando Vellozo

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