ARM Cortex M4 scatter file and program entry


I am having issue to run & profile my C build for Cortex M4 with the ARM Workbench IDE (RVCT) profiler. The profiler just hangs and doesn't entry the main function.

Here is my Makefile:

    CPU       = Cortex-M4
    CFLAGS    = --c99 --cpu=$(CPU) -Otime -O3 --min_array_alignment=8

    ifeq "$(CPU)" "Cortex-M4"
        CPPFLAGS += -DCortex_M4

    LDFLAGS   = --cpu=$(CPU) --info sizes,totals --remove --inline --scatter Cortex-M4.scat 
    DEPFLAGS  = --depend_target $@ --md --no_depend_system_headers --phony_targets --depend $(BUILD)/$*.Td

And this is the scatter file:

FLASH_LOAD 0x0000 0x10000000
  VECTORS 0x0 0x400
    * (:gdef:__vectab_stack_and_reset, +FIRST)
    ; Additional region for other vectors would be added here

  ;; Maximum of 256 exceptions (256*4 bytes == 0x400)
  CODE 0x400 FIXED
    * (+RO)

  DATA 0x00140000 0x00800000-0x00140000-0x00008000
    * (+RW, +ZI)

  ;; Stack grows downwards
  ARM_LIB_STACK 0x00800000 EMPTY -0x8000

  ;; Heap grows upwards
  ARM_LIB_HEAP 0x00800000 EMPTY 0x0200000


Do I need to give any specific parameters to the Makefile or to the profiler? The profiler has the following settings that I didn't change by default: Heap Base: 0x00000000, Heap Limit: 0x0007c000, Stack Base: 0x00080000


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