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I have two Windows 10 machines. One I can start up a debug session by selecting of typing F5 and the other gives me a message that I cannot connect to IIS Express.

Starting up the debugger on the machine that doesn't work shows:

Starting IIS Express ... Successfully registered URL "https://localhost:44342/" for site "BSoftSolutions" application "/" Registration completed for site "BSoftSolutions" IIS Express is running. Failed to register URL "http://localhost:51136/" for site "BSoftSolutions" application "/". Error description: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (0x80070020)

I have been unable to find the differences in these two machines that would cause Visual Studio to fail to connect to IIS?

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I install jexus and ran a project diagnostic which gave me this report

IMPORTANT: This report might contain confidential information. Mask such before sharing to others.
Scan the folder C:\Users\RKevi\Source\Repos\BSoftSolution\BSoftSolutions for project files.
1 project(s) are detected.
* BSoftSolutions.csproj

Project file: C:\Users\RKevi\Source\Repos\BSoftSolution\BSoftSolutions\BSoftSolutions.csproj.
IIS Express configuration file: C:\Users\RKevi\source\repos\BSoftSolution\.vs\BSoftSolutions\config\applicationHost.config.
Analyze ASP.NET Core project.
Visual Studio launchSettings.json: C:\Users\RKevi\Source\Repos\BSoftSolution\BSoftSolutions\Properties\launchSettings.json.
Extract debugging profiles.
Found 2 profile(s).
* IIS Express
* BSoftSolutions

Extract IIS settings.
sslPort is 44342.
applicationUrl is http://localhost:51136.
Binding localhost on *:51136 (http).
Binding localhost on *:44342 (https).
A matching binding is found for https://localhost:44342/.
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