Gothic 2 cant start with wine


i want play Gothic 2 on Ubuntu 19.10 but when starting game, Gothic crash and send me this text:

Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000000 in 32-bit code (0x004e6b6c). Register dump: CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:006b GS:0063 EIP:004e6b6c ESP:0131f2b4 EBP:03b5a870 EFLAGS:00210246( R- -- I Z- -P- ) EAX:00000000 EBX:7b453090 ECX:0131f298 EDX:01b41830 ESI:008216f0 EDI:02a48114 Stack dump: 0x0131f2b4: 03b5a870 03b5a874 0172c0f4 00000000 0x0131f2c4: 00000000 00000000 008216f0 00000001 0x0131f2d4: 00000000 00000000 00000000 0082280c 0x0131f2e4: 03b60034 02a480cc 00000000 00000000 0x0131f2f4: 008216f0 01b40701 00000000 00000000 0x0131f304: 008216f0 00821602 03b3794d 0000000d Backtrace: =>0 0x004e6b6c InitCommonControls+0xffffffff() in gothic2 (0x03b5a870) 1 0x00000000 (0x008216f0) 2 0x00000000 (0x0041c430) 0x004e6b6c InitCommonControls+0xffffffff in gothic2: movl 0x0(%eax),%edx Modules: Module Address Debug info Name (49 modules) PE 400000- b1b000 CodeView gothic2 PE 3000000- 300a000 Deferred
bugslayerutil PE 4000000- 401d000 Deferred vdfs32e PE
a930000- a957000 Deferred shw32 PE 21100000-2115f000 Deferred
mss32 PE 30000000-30072000 Deferred binkw32 PE 63420000-6343c000 Deferred msdbi PE 71460000-71479000 Deferred imagehl2 PE 7a820000-7a824000 Deferred opengl32 PE 7b420000-7b5d1000 Deferred kernel32 PE 7bba0000-7bba4000 Deferred psapi PE 7bbb0000-7bbb4000 Deferred dmband PE 7bbd0000-7bbd5000 Deferred dmstyle PE 7bc10000-7bc14000 Deferred ntdll PE 7bd40000-7bd48000 Deferred shlwapi PE 7bda0000-7bdac000 Deferred msvfw32 PE 7bde0000-7bde9000 Deferred quartz PE 7bed0000-7bed4000 Deferred dmsynth PE 7c020000-7c023000 Deferred midimap PE 7c030000-7c033000 Deferred winealsa PE 7c580000-7c583000 Deferred msacm32 PE 7c5a0000-7c5a3000 Deferred winepulse PE 7c5d0000-7c5d4000 Deferred mmdevapi PE 7d920000-7d924000 Deferred dmusic PE 7d950000-7d955000 Deferred dmcompos PE 7d980000-7d984000 Deferred dsound PE 7d9d0000-7d9d6000 Deferred dmime PE 7dd10000-7dd14000 Deferred dmloader PE 7e570000-7e574000 Deferred uxtheme PE 7e7e0000-7e7e4000 Deferred winex11 PE 7ead0000-7eadb000 Deferred dinput PE 7eb30000-7eb34000 Deferred wined3d PE 7ec80000-7ec84000 Deferred ddraw PE 7ed00000-7ed04000 Deferred msvcrt PE 7edc0000-7edc8000 Deferred oleaut32 PE 7eee0000-7eee4000 Deferred iphlpapi PE 7ef00000-7ef04000 Deferred ws2_32 PE 7ef40000-7ef44000 Deferred wsock32 PE 7ef60000-7ef64000 Deferred imm32 PE 7ef80000-7ef83000 Deferred usp10 PE 7efd0000-7f04d000 Deferred comctl32 PE 7f130000-7f139000 Deferred msacm32 PE 7f160000-7f164000 Deferred rpcrt4 PE 7f200000-7f228000 Deferred ole32 PE 7f350000-7f3c8000 Deferred winmm PE 7f410000-7f414000 Deferred advapi32 PE 7f490000-7f497000 Deferred gdi32 PE 7f5c0000-7f6a8000 Deferred user32 PE 7ffd0000-7ffd4000 Deferred version Threads: process tid
prio (all id:s are in hex) 0000000e services.exe 00000028 0 00000025 0 0000001b 0 00000013 0 00000010 0 0000000f 0 00000011 winedevice.exe 00000018 0 00000017 0 00000016 0 00000012 0 00000019 plugplay.exe 0000001d 0 0000001c 0 0000001a 0 00000023 winedevice.exe 0000002b 0 00000027 0 00000026 0 00000024 0 00000029 explorer.exe 0000002f 0 0000002e 0 0000002d 0 0000002c 0 0000002a 0 00000030 autorun.exe 00000031 0 00000032 (D) C:\Program Files (x86)\G2\Gothic II\system\Gothic2.exe 00000047 0 00000044 0 00000042 15 00000041 15 00000040 15 0000003f 0 0000003e 0 0000003b 0 00000033 0 <== System information: Wine build: wine-4.0.2 (Ubuntu 4.0.2-1) Platform: i386 (WOW64) Version: Windows 8 Host system: Linux Host version: 5.3.0-23-generic

Thank for help

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