Mapped drive group policy applied but users get no drive mapping


I have created a GPO "Users - Mapped Drives" with Scope Security Filtering "Authenticated Users" on our Win'2008R2 DC. the problem is when I login (testing only my pc now) my network shares aren't mapped.

Cmputer Configuration (Enabled): There's no policies

User Configuration (Enabled):

Letter: N Action: Create (tried Update, Replace) Location: \file01\docs Hide/Show This Drive: Show

I'm keeping it simple so right now it's not dependent on the group the user is part of therefore Item-level targetting is not enabled (although I tried by forcing it by group too and it didn't work). I have full permissions to this share and I can map it with 'net use N:\ \file01\docs' without problems.

I did a gpupdate /force on my own Win'7 Pro computer (I'm a local and domain admin and gpresult /r shows:

Applied Group Policy Objects

Small Business Server Client Computer
Small Business Server Domain Password Policy
Default Domain Policy
Users - Mapped Drives

So the group policy is being applied.

Rsop.msc shows no errors although I can't find the Drive Map policy in Computer Configuration. However for User Configuration I do see this error:

Group Policy Drive Maps failed due to the error listed below. The system cannot find the path specified.

Additional Information: The client-side extension could not apply user policy settings for 'Users Mapped Drives {88B1A5BD-D102-4EF0-89FB-B9F7C417A046}' because it failed with error code '0x80070003 The system cannot find the path specified.'%%100790275

Not sure why since from my Win'7 pc I can find and map this path without a problem. I tried rebooting too but no luck. I did have this working a couple of times (not sure how) but currently I still don't get any mapped drives from the GPO.

Update: I just tried logging in on another Win'7 pc and I see my drives are mapped. So not sure why on one pc I get the error "System Cannot Find The Path Specified" while on another it works just fine using the same domain login.

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