ML.Net sentimental analysis prediction of comments not working in ASP.NET MVC web application


I am trying to make project in .NET framework in which the controller code is as below:

public ActionResult Analysis()
    return View();

public ActionResult Analysis(ModelInput input)
    // Load the model  
    MLContext mlContext = new MLContext();
    ITransformer mlModel = mlContext.Model.Load(@"C:\Users\samya\source\repos\riya123\riya123ML.Model\", out var modelInputSchema);

    // Create prediction engine related to the loaded train model
    var predEngine = mlContext.Model.CreatePredictionEngine<ModelInput, ModelOutput>(mlModel);

    // Input  
    input.Year = DateTime.Now.Year;

    // Try model on sample data and find the score
    ModelOutput result = predEngine.Predict(input);

    // Store result into ViewBag
    ViewBag.Result = result;

    return View();

And when I try to run it shows error as below although the dll is seen in the solution explorer:

Exception thrown: 'System.DllNotFoundException' in Microsoft.ML.CpuMath.dll

An exception of type 'System.DllNotFoundException' occurred in Microsoft.ML.CpuMath.dll but was not handled in user code

Unable to load DLL 'CpuMathNative': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

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There is a bug with the v1.4.0 version of ML.NET that breaks projects using packages.config. See:

To workaround this, try one of the following possible workarounds:

  1. Use PackageReference instead of packages.config.
  2. Fallback to v1.3.1 of ML.NET until a new version comes out with the fix.
  3. Alternatively, you can copy the CpuMathNative.dll from the nuget package into your output folder. You can do this manually, or with a change to your .csproj like the following:
    <Content Include="..\packages\Microsoft.ML.CpuMath.1.4.0\runtimes\win-x64\nativeassets\netstandard2.0\*.dll" Condition="'$(PlatformTarget)' == 'x64'">
    <Content Include="..\packages\Microsoft.ML.CpuMath.1.4.0\runtimes\win-x86\nativeassets\netstandard2.0\*.dll" Condition="'$(PlatformTarget)' == 'x86'">

(NOTE: if your packages folder is somewhere other than ..\packages, you will need to adjust the path above.)

Also note one more thing: You can't use AnyCPU with ML.NET on .NET Framework. Since ML.NET uses native assemblies, you need to pick either x86 or x64 explicitly.

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