Visual Studio 2017 debugger keeps looking for DLL's .obj file after project folder structure changed


My setup

  • Win10
  • Visual Studio 2017 ver 15.9.15

While trying to step into a DLL API, VS throws the error at me:

Error: Unable to open file /path/to/old/folder/intermediate/file.obj. Error code = 0x80070003

This is different from questions such as

in that the error message clearly shows that the file was from an outdated location after I restructured the project.

I've tried

  • Clean Solution and rebuild
  • Tweak the debug config to use /DEBUG:FULL for all the DLL's and EXE's.

to no avail.

Any help is appreciated.

asked on Stack Overflow Oct 29, 2019 by kakyo

1 Answer


Solved it myself. All my DLL projects used to output to a location different from my main exe's folder. After I redirect those paths to the exe's folder and rebuild. The problem is gone. It's interesting that the app runs without DLL issues either way.

answered on Stack Overflow Oct 29, 2019 by kakyo

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