Docker is uninstalled still v box not working


Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Ubuntu.

Call to WHvSetupPartition failed: ERROR_SUCCESS (Last=0xc000000d/87) (VERR_NEM_VM_CREATE_FAILED).

Result Code: E_FAIL (0x80004005)
Component: ConsoleWrap
Interface: IConsole {872da645-4a9b-1727-bee2-5585105b9eed}


asked on Stack Overflow Oct 25, 2019 by Siddharth Joshi • edited Oct 25, 2019 by Kalana

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This is likely happening due to a conflict between Hyper-V (which uninstalling docker does not deactivate) and Virtualbox. Check to see if Hyper-V is enabled. To do this (assuming you're running docker on windows)

  1. go to control panel's "turn Windows features on or off" options
  2. search for Hyper-V. If it's checked, Hyper-V is still enabled, and is likely the cause of the issue. uncheck it, and restart your computer.
  3. try to launch virtualbox again.
answered on Stack Overflow Oct 25, 2019 by Brandon

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