Unable to install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio because of error 0x80070643


I am trying to install SSMS but the error 0x80070643 keeps appearing. It says that I do not have Visual Studio C++ 2017 installed, but the SSMS installer does in fact install Visual Studio C++ 2017. So I don't know why it does not find it.

Here is the part of the installation log where the error seems to appear

                      [1130:03E4][2019-10-11T19:15:27]i323: Registering package dependency provider: 
                      {72AFAF21-33FB-45A5-9468-A9EC07427F82}, version:, package: 
                       [168C:1B4C][2019-10-11T19:15:27]i000: MainViewModel.OnPackageAction: Install 
                       Started for package Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server
                       [1130:03E4][2019-10-11T19:15:27]i301: Applying execute package: 
                       msodbcsql.msi, action: Install, path: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{72AFAF21- 
                          33FB-45A5-9468-A9EC07427F82}v17.4.1.1\x64\msodbcsql.msi, arguments: ' 
                          MSIFASTINSTALL="7" AddLocal="SQL_SQLODBC_CORE" 
                            MainViewModel.OnPackageActionProgress: Percent completed: 0, Overall 
                            progress: 0
                              BootstrapperEngineDataModel.OnError: Burn engine encountered error. 
                           PackageId: msodbcsql.msi, ErrorType: WindowsInstaller, ErrorCode: 1723, 
                           ErrorMessage: Please install the Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable from 
                            https://aka.ms/vs/15/release/vc_redist.x64.exe before running this 
                       installer. , UIHint: 0

What can I do to fix it? Already tried to uninstall and install Visual Studio C++ 2017 but it does not work

I installed VS C++ 2017 via the link the error gives me, then restarted the computer, but it still isn't working. Tried to erase it myself and then let the SSMS installer do it for me, but then again, does not work.

I also tried to install the ODBC driver myself, but the same error occurs.

However, with VS C++ 2013 (which is also installed by the SMMS) the error does not occur, as I installed the ODBC 2013 driver and it worked perfectly

As you can see, VS is installed by the SSMS installer. Curiously, when I download VS c++2017 from the link given by the error it allows me to install it even though it should not because it is already installed

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What worked for me is


Plus, I also uninstalled all instances of my Visual C++ Redistributable 2013, as per another suggestion I found. (I figured I could reinstall this if needed by something.) I'm unsure if this was related to the fix but I'm including if so.

A reboot was required after the above before it would work.

answered on Stack Overflow Oct 10, 2020 by stackonfire

Okay, the problem was fixed and now I have succesfully installed the ODBC Driver 17.

I had deactivated the antivirus in my computer, downloaded VS C++ 2017 again and then proceeded to install the driver and it finally worked.

This is the only solution that I could find, as other pages did not have a specific answer for it. If you have the same problem, consider doing this and see if the answer is fixed

Thanks to everyone who helped me.

answered on Stack Overflow Oct 16, 2019 by TheObands

I had the same problem. After I review in the log file I figured out the problem with a previous version.

I found two versions of Visual C++ 2013 installed in Program and Features configuation panel. Then I uninstall the older (x64 and x86) and I restarted.

After that, the installation of MSSS (with administrator permitions) worked without problems.

I hope this solve your problem.

answered on Stack Overflow Mar 12, 2020 by Graig Luque

Simply uninstall the ODBC driver and try install the SSMS again. It will install the ODBC driver for you too.

answered on Stack Overflow Feb 4, 2021 by Jackie

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