Appx Windows File encrypting with MakeAppx to an eappx file how to?


I packed a appx file with visual studio 2017 from my cordova app files i get a folder like this:

Then i use MakeAppx like this

MakeAppx encrypt /p CordovaApp.Windows10_1.0.2.39_x64.appx /ep CordovaApp.Windows10_1.0.2.01_x64.eappx /kf MyKeyFile.txt

in MyKeyFile.txt i added

[Keys] "OWVwSzliRGY1VWt1ODk4N1Q4R2Vqc04zMzIzNnlUREU=" "MjNFTlFhZGRGZEY2YnVxMTBocjd6THdOdk9pZkpvelc="

But the command is failing with

MakeAppx : error: Error info: unknnown error MakeAppx : error: Package encryption failed. MakeAppx : error: 0x80070002 - Das system cannot find the given file

even if im the right folder ?

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